Information about our apps
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We have two apps:
Device support
Due to changed rules in AppStore/Google Play and the development environment, the support for different devices has changed. The apps now support:
  • iOS
    Only 64-bit devices (iPhone 6S and later)
    iOS version 14.6 and later
  • Android
    32 & 64 bit devices with ARM-CPU
    Android 6 and later

The following functions can be found in our app Resultatservice:
  • News
    Links to all news published on our homepage

  • Web results and information
    Links to all rallies where we publish results during the rally. Also other information about the rally, e.g. restart lists.

  • Invitations
    Invitations to rallies

  • Entrylists
    Entrylists to all rallies where we handle the entries

  • Final results
    Final results from rallies

  • Search competitors
    Search for drivers and codrivers and view their rally statistics

  • My races
    If you have entered races using your account on you can log in to that account in this app and access e.g. final instructions and your starting number for each race.

  • Settings
    Language settings (english/swedish)
    Resetting login information